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Jennifer Gianni
Jennifer Gianni

Jennifer Gianni

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in the mind/body field. She began her formal Pilates training in Los Angeles at Performing Arts Physical Therapy under the direction of Melinda Bryan (certified and ordained by 1st generation Pilates Master Romana Kryzanowska). Jennifer's training during these years included workshops, testing and continuing education seminars with Romana Kryzanowska as well as other Classical Pilates greats like Siri Darma, Jillian Hessel and Jay Grimes. Jennifer taught with Jay Grimes at PAPT for 2 years and took over his clientele when he left which was a very high honor for such a young teacher.

Jennifer was very grateful for excellent training and the roots in Classical Pilates but knew there was more to discover. She completed two more Comprehensive Professional Pilates Certifications. The first was with PhysicalMind Institute where she had the honor of studying with renowned movement therapist Marika Molnar.

Next Jennifer went study with Marie Jose Blom at Long Beach Dance Conditioning. This experience would prove to be a life changing experience and Marie Jose continues to mentor and inspire Jennifer's work to this day.

Jennifer has been holding teacher-training courses in her own Fusion Pilates Pre & Post Natal Specialist program across the US and in Japan since 2003. She is the owner and director of Fusion Pilates DVD's, which specialize in DVD programs for women's fitness. Jennifer released two new DVD's created for the Pilates Professional in 2009. These programs include Pre & Post Natal modifications for the Reformer, the Wunda Chair and the Cadillac.

Jennifer began conducting a Comprehensive Professional Pilates Program in 2007 with courses offered in Asheville, Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina.

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Daniela Pallares
Casey Marie Herdt

Casey Marie Herdt

“If knowledge is power, then self knowledge is empowerment.”

Casey Herdt grew up in Tucson, Arizona where she excelled in many different sports and athletic activities. At a young age she became keenly aware of the negative effects of the “no pain, no gain” mentality. An injury caused Casey to end up on Tracie Anderson Munn’s doorstep where she was introduced to the intelligent, inventive approach Pilates takes to reforming and healing the human body. Inspired by this new modality, Casey began her apprenticeship in Tracie’s movement studio in 2002.

During this time Casey also attended Long Beach Dance Conditioning where she received her comprehensive certification from Marie Jose Blom in 2003. Marie Jose’s exploration of how cutting edge science can join with the Pilates repertoire in order truly change bodies continues to be a constant inspiration.

Casey went on to work in classical studios where she delved into the roots of the Pilates work while mastering the classical repertoire. She also explored many other movement and bodywork modalities that inspired her to start her own form of movement release work called The Core Alignment Method. With the knowledge gained from so many different perspectives, her practice began to take shape, and her understanding of the capabilities of the human body continued to expand.

After working with Jennifer Gianni in 2007 it became clear to Casey that is was time to move to Asheville and make Fusion Pilates her home base. She immediately became involved in the creative aspects of Fusion’s DVD’s and teacher training programs and also became a certified level I Gyrotonic Instructor, a teacher trainer for Jennifer Gianni’s Pre and Post Natal training, and a faculty member of Balanced Body University.

The collaborative energy between Jennifer and Casey gave birth to with the goal of providing a rich resource for Pilates Professionals.

After many years, thousands of sessions, and hundreds clients, Casey’s daily objective remains simple. To make people feel at home in their body. Casey strives to push the envelope of creativity within the repertoire to help more people benefit from this work on all levels.

Anne Mette
Anne Mettee

Anne Mettee

Anne discovered Pilates in 2003 as a way to bounce back after the birth of her third child. She knew immediately that she wanted to learn everything there was to know and to teach the work to others. She explored the work on her own for a few years while searching for a mentor which she found in Jennifer Gianni. Anne has earned a comprehensive Pilates certification from Balanced Body University and has also undergone the rigorous Gyrotonic teacher training after which she was certified by master trainer, Juergen Bamberger.

Anne is a former competitive diver and has coached swimming, diving, soccer, lacrosse, and running. Teaching has always been a part of Anne's life and her work at Fusion Pilates is a perfect continuation of this passion. Anne is also an accomplished fashion designer and owner of the Hazel Anne clothing line.

Amy Dowling
Amy Dowling

Amy Dowling

Amy Dowling danced professionally for 10 years in major cities throughout the US prior to relocating to Asheville to start a family. Her first encounter with Pilates was in graduate school, and she was immediately taken with how the work enhanced not only her dancing but also her self-awareness.

After completing an MFA in dance and choreography at Florida State University, she returned to Chicago to continue performing and sought out Pilates training as a complement to her overall conditioning regiment.

Shortly after moving to Asheville, she accepted a position in the dance program at Western Carolina University where she continues to teach modern dance technique, anatomy for dance and dance history.

She found her way to Fusion after hearing a compelling interview with Jennifer Gianni on NPR and knew this was the environment in which she wanted to reacquaint herself with Pilates. As an instructor, Amy's life's work has been dedicated to exploring freedom of movement in her own body as well as those of her students, and she is thrilled to be a part of the Fusion team.